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Soulshine Beeswax Candles

Soulshine Beeswax candles are handcrafted in Black Mountain, NC using 100% Pure Beeswax. Our candles are hand-poured or hand-dipped and are all-natural. They burn nearly twice as long as traditional paraffin candles and do not smoke or drip. They naturally smell sweetly of honey and do not contain synthetic fragrance or colors. We create pillars, votives, tea lights, hand-dipped tapers, novelties, and more! Don?t see what you?re looking for? Check out our website, or call us toll-free at 888-669-5116.

Solid Hand-poured Pillars

We offer Hand-poured smooth pillars in 2" and 3" diameter and varying heights of 3", 4", 6", and 9". Our most popular the 2" x 6" is available for $11.95 and burns approximately 65 hours!

Price: $11.95

Picture of Solid Hand-poured Pillars
Picture of Votives, Tea Lights, and Beeswax Blocks

Votives, Tea Lights, and Beeswax Blocks

The finest in utilitarian candles! Our votives burn for approximately 12 hours and our tea lights burn for 4-5 hours each. Our most popular package: a box of 6 votives and 12 tea lights is available for $18.95.

Price: $18.95

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