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Rose Consulting

Rose Consulting promotes the skills of Conflict Management at Work. We are here to serve employers, Human Resouce managers, supervisors, team leaders and anyone whose business is 'people'. Modern employer organizations with flattened management structures, lean productivity models and self-directed teams are breeding grounds for conflict. Destructive conflicts are terribly costly to employers due to lost sales opportunities, reduced productivity, poor morale, increased absenteeism and, in extreme cases, staff turnover. In Destructive conflicts, situations spiral out of control, characterized by inflexibility, hostility, retaliation and silent apathy. Without skilled, active management, destructive conflicts usually go from bad to worse. In constructive conflicts, people change, grow, learn and are flexible and cooperative. The difference lies in the mastery of the skills of Conflict Managment at Work.

Training and Education

Conflict Managment at Work is a skills set which can be mastered by anyone who wants to go past the damage and frustration of destructive conflict.

Picture of Training and Education