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Genie Hardee 35 years in the healing arts, as a practitioner and teacher, i have developed my own style of hands and voice therapy. i create a safe space for you to go within, allowing you to access inner resources. With my voice, i guide you in the transformation of your inner turbulence into peace and quiet joy. Sessions include: Jin Shin Energy Balance: You emerge from these sessions feeling deeply relaxed and yet blissfully energized. Healing of all sorts of problems can occur. Medical Qigong: Classic Chinese treatments and energy prescriptions for you to do at home. Hypnotherapy: Sessions are in the Ericksonian, non-authoritarian style. You are in charge of your own process. I facilitate and guide with the language of your own powerful inner mind. Past Life Recall: These hypnosis sessions are very healing, because you have the opportunity to resolve core issues quickly and easily, enhancing your evolutionary process. To make an appointment call 803-629-7491 To receive brochures, and notification of upcoming classes click on mailing list and fill in form. Genie Hardee Offering Energywork you can feel. 35 years experience Energywork Medical Qigong and Jin Shin $90 1 hr. Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Past Life Recall $75 hr. Classes Qigong, Bodywork, Energywork