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AQUAPONICS-GREENHOUSE Designed & Built to Suit & Supplies, Survival Gear & More

200 Gal. Aquaponic System

Complete Aquaponics Modular System This system has the capability to add on as many 200 gallon tanks as you want and to expand the size of your growing bed area. 200 gallon fish tank w/water release valve, 3.4' x 4' grow bed, water pump, pea gravel (pre-seeded w/good bacteria), 15 Tilapia fingerlings, plant bed flow/drain with ball valve, debris catcher, 10 gallons (pre-seeded) water (expedites bacteria balance between fish and plants) Water test. This system has the capacity to increase the plant bed sq.ft. - 4 to 5 X w/150 fish @ 1 lb. ea, to sufficiently suppliment food for a family of 4. Price includes complete install, electrical not included, delivery & personal instruction - Aquaponics is a science of balance.

Price: $499.00

Picture of 200 Gal. Aquaponic System
Picture of Custom Greenhouses

Custom Greenhouses

Greenhouse $4995 12' x 24' Built on site - Very reasonably priced This greenhouse is very sturdy, unlike a PVC Hoop Greenhouse. Side height 6' 6" - dome height 9' 2" x 4" (Pressure Treated) frame secured with exterior screws - studs 3' O.C. , 4" x 4" (PT) corner posts & base (secured with 1/2" x 2' re-bar) 1" PVC roof frame 2' O.C. w/ (3) 1" PVC cross supports 6 mil UV Greenhouse plastic cover (stapled and secured w/1" x 1/2" PT wood) 6 mil Black Plastic Double Layer floor (2) Doors at opposite ends 6' 6" H x 4' W - triple hinged with handle (3) interior cross beam supports OPTIONAL: (3) yards 3/4" gravel floor ($299) installed (2) 6" solar fans ($129) installed 6' H Chicken Wire - sides & doors (critter protection) ($299) installed 200 gal. Aquaponics System ($499) installed Aquaponics/Hydoponic 4" Tubing System ($75/10' Length) Net Pot $ .95/pot Hydroton 50 liter ($39/bag) hydroponic clay balls Water catch system Water Pumps (price determined by HP needed) These pumps are needed for Tubing Systems only. Sub Pumps (price determined by HP needed) These pumps are needed for Custom Aquaponic Systems ASK US ABOUT CUSTOM GREENHOUSE DESIGNS & PRE-MADE VERY LOW PRICED GREENHOUSES

Price: $4995.00

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