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Aging Advocates

We offer a variety of services to older adults and their families. Consultations provide information about the resources available to meet existing and anticipated needs. Comprehensive evaluations assess depression, dementia, and quality-of-life issues. We can also coordinate needed services such as in-home assistance, or help with choosing and moving to a retirement community. Family caregivers frequently request our counseling and support services to assist them with the stress of their responsibilities. Older adults, as well, can benefit from counseling as they try to cope with various difficulties and losses. Older adults make up an increasingly larger portion of our population, with products and services for seniors growing as well. We help provide the best possible care for seniors, enabling their adult children to continue their careers, take vacations, and attend to other important family needs with peace of mind. We can act as a liaison with adult children who live elsewhere, or as an advocate for vulnerable seniors who have no children available. Our services are provided in the client's home not only as a convenience to the client, but also to assist in the assessment process.


We assist older adults and their families by offering: * Consultations regarding existing and anticipated needs and the resources available to meet those needs * In-home evaluations to assess depression, dementia, and quality-of-life issues * Coordination of needed services to avoid unnecessary institutional care * Counseling and support for over-stressed caregivers * Assistance with personal finance * Advocacy for vulnerable seniors * Crisis management * In-home counseling for seniors facing difficulties or losses

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When seniors and their families feel that a retirement community is the best option, we can help choose a residence that best fits their needs and resources. We can assist with all the details involved in moving to a new location. When seniors have no adult children available, we can monitor the services they receive in their homes or in care communities.

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